Septic System prior to BIO-FLO Septic Tank Non-Enzyme Bacteria Maintenance Treatmentusage Before and After Non-Enzymes Bacteria Maintenance Treatment. BIO-FLO Septic Care Septic Tank After Non-Enzyme Bacteria Maintenance Treatment By EnviroLab                 
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ENVIRO-FLO® is a synergistic blend of 9 anaerobic strands of bacteria in a micronutrient base engineered to eliminate years of buildup in septic installations. ENVIRO-FLO® liquifies the sludge on the surface and floating cap on the top of the septic tank, creating a free-flow of pure water and ending backups & pump service. One water soluble packet applied monthly directly to a toilet and flushed enters the containment unit  whole and then dissolves, maintaining the tank in new condition at all times. ENVIRO-FLO® is OSHA, NSF and EPA compliant, non-corrosive, non-allergenic and extends the service life of septic installations by safely removing the source of odors and clogs. ENVIRO-FLO® is a Better Business Bureau Seal Of Integrity Program offering unmatched performance. Never have the problem in the first place !